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Keeping premature babies on antibiotics too long may raise superbug infection risks  

Antibiotics given to 80% of premature babies may alter their gut bacteria for DECADES – and leave them more vulnerable to superbugs, study finds Researchers compared premature babies treated with antibiotics for 21 months to preemies treated for a week and untreated full-term babies Heavily-treated infants had less diverse bacteria in their guts and, of what… Read More »

Nine Nurses of Maine Medical Center Who Went Viral For Being Pregnant Together Have Delivered, Check Pic of Their Babies

Nine nurses become mothers together (Photo Credits: Instagram) Can you plan your pregnancy to coincide exactly with your best friends? You definitely can, prove nine nurses at the Maine Medical Center in Portland. The nurses of the labour ward went viral when they posed in their pregnancy days, a few months ago. And now all of them have… Read More »