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Hay fever sufferers are swearing by Vaseline to combat high pollen count misery

Just when you thought it was safe to step outside and enjoy the sunshine, the pollen count peaks. For those who get hit badly by hay fever , all the tricks in the book – and antihistamines – are often ineffectual. Suddenly, lurking indoors seems like the only sensible option while everyone else frolics in… Read More »

Drug monitoring platform to help Maryland combat opioids

The State of Maryland is getting new software to collect information about controlled substances dispensed in the state to facilitate better data sharing. The RxGov prescription drug monitoring platform, from NIC, provides near real-time data that will integrate with the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP), the state health information exchange. Data also… Read More »

Medical News Today: Chinese fir tree compound may help to combat cancer

New research finds that a structural analog of a compound found in an endangered Chinese fir tree has cancer-fighting properties when combined with an existing cancer drug. Scientists devised a chemical analog of a compound from a rare Chinese tree that, combined with another drug, has cancer-fighting properties. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimate that… Read More »