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Sheraton Atlanta linked to 11 new cases of Legionnaires’ Disease

men in protective suit,outbreak concept,illustration painting So far, 11 people in Atlanta, Georgia have contracted Legionnaires’ disease and it appears that all of them stayed at the Sheraton Atlanta. The hotel is now closed down until at least mid-August, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Georgia Department of Public Health investigators are testing water in the… Read More »

Researchers present first clinical proof that individual genotypes determine if Alzheimer’s disease drugs will work

UB researchers’ insights into a target that succeeded in animals but failed in humans reveal a new paradigm for screening Alzheimer’s drugs BUFFALO — University at Buffalo researchers have determined that a human gene present in 75% of the population is a key reason why a class of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease seemed promising in… Read More »

Bumps on the Vagina – Is It Razor Rash or STD? 3 Signs It’s a Sexually Transmitted Disease

The skin of your vagina is undoubtedly the most delicate of your entire anatomy. It’s only obvious for it to be a target for infections and issues from breakouts to razor rash to even serious problems like genital warts and herpes. So when a suspicious spot, lump or bump suddenly shows up down below, it… Read More »