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The most expensive medicine ever treats a rare condition. The price: $2.13 million – Los Angeles Times

Evelyn Villarreal was one of the first children treated, at 8 weeks. Her family, from Centreville, Va., had lost their first child to spinal muscular atrophy at 15 months. Two years later when Evelyn was born a test showed she also had the disease, so the family enrolled her in the gene therapy study at… Read More »

Woman, 21, discovers she has a football-sized cyst 'taking up most of her abdomen'

Woman, 21, whose stomach was so swollen she struggled to tie her shoes discovers she has a football-sized ovarian CYST ‘taking up most of her abdomen’ The woman went to a hospital in Perth, Australia, complaining of bloating When doctors removed the mass during surgery it weighed 4kg (8.8lbs) The lump was not cancerous but… Read More »