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Olivia Jade Says That She Doesn’t Intend to Post Anything on Social Media for a Year

Olivia Jade reportedly doesn’t want to post on social media for a whole year. This is especially interesting considering that she’s an Instagram influencer with more than a million followers… Idk what type of big questions you’ve been pondering on this fine Saturday morning, but if they’re anything like mine they look something like: “What… Read More »

Missouri governor says state’s intent to close only abortion clinic not political

(Reuters) – Missouri Governor Mike Parson on Wednesday said politics played no role in the state department of health’s intent to close Missouri’s sole abortion clinic, a move that would make it the only U.S. state with no legal abortion provider. Five days ago, Parson signed into law a measure banning abortion in Missouri after… Read More »

Mother’s Education Plays a Key Role in Kid’s Obesity, Says Study

Representational image. (Picture credit: Flickr) London, May 25: Children of poorly-educated mothers face higher risk of obesity than those whose mothers are well-educated, suggests a new study. For the study, published in Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology journal, the researchers analysed data of 41,399 children in three European countries — Ireland, Portugal and the UK —… Read More »